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Yahoo Global Ad Specs

2012-2016 (for Yahoo!)
Yahoo redesigned the advertising network's Specs site to make the information easier to find and easier to maintain.

As the sole developer, I built the frontend of site upon Yahoo's Mojito platform, an MVC platform running off Node.js.

I also designed and architected the internal Specs Admin site with straight up PHP/mySQL so that managers could easily create and update ad formats on the network. With the information stored in the database, I created an API for the Mojito frontend to use to display the data.

In the next phase of this project, I re-architected the backend so that international Yahoo regions could create their own version of this new Ads Specs site to replace their old confusing ones. I set it up so that they would be able to create custom content and pages, and lay out their site's main navigation. The global versions of the specs site all run off of one base platform, and not individually deployable instances.
Skill Focus: PHP & MySQL, Javascript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, AJAX