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Y! Events Page - Content Uploader

2009 Apr (for Yahoo) | offline

I quickly built this simple tool for our Event Page designers to use, solely for integrating content and urls onto their event pages that I've coded.

The idea was to keep the code maintenance very separate from content maintenance. With the tool, every time the designers received content updates, they could update the live page themselves without having to go through the engineer.

This is essentially a poor man's CMS. Basically the designers would copy/paste text and urls into pre-built PHP arrays and then upload them to the server. Because the lifespan and turnaround time of an Event page is so short, I felt that setup and use of a database would be overkill. A solution such as this one would be the quickest and cleanest method instead.

Skill Focus: PHP & MySQL, Javascript, HTML/DHTML, Graphic Design, CSS