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Old Master Q Comics (v5)

1999 - current | offline
This self-proclaimed "official" website is a tribute to my grandfather's classic comics Lao Fu Zi, or Old Master Q. I had started this website back in 1999 for several reasons:

1) My grandfather's comic needed a good-looking official site to represent it.

2) I wanted the site to differentiate from all the fan-sites out there that basically provided poor and sloppy scans of his comic strips (which, btw is illegal), by providing clean graphics and a chance for an American audience to see them.

3) I wanted to give myself a project to practice new ways of coding and designing for the web. This website is like my laboratory for trying new ideas.

In the latest version of this website, I wanted to store all comics in a database, integrate more Chinese characters, as well try my hand at Flash.

Skill Focus: OMQ, Javascript, HTML/DHTML, Graphic Design, Flash, CSS, Actionscript, PHP & MySQL